The Philip Langridge Bursary Fund  was launched on May 30th 2010 with a Gala Concert starring many of Philip's friends and colleagues who all came together to celebrate Philip's life and career. It was a truly special and memorable evening. And it raised enough money to start helping emerging artists almost immediately with their funding problems. 

The remit of Philip's fund has since been extended to fully support some of our emerging artists for a whole year with Co-Opera Co. The bursary will pay for them to attend our development programmes, workshops, Master-classes, have individual coaching sessions and sponsor them for up to 12 performances throughout the year.

It costs Co-Opera Co. more than £5,000 a year to help each emerging artist.

Our aim is to award at least 10 bursaries annually through The Philip Langridge Bursary  Fund.

A donation to Philip's fund, however small, will help to support the valuable work that he was so passionate about. 

Thank you,
Kate Flowers
Artistic Director - Co-Opera Co.

Philip Langridge CBE
16 December 1939 – 5 March 2010

Philip Langridge was, without doubt, one of the UK's leading tenors. He once said at a Co-Opera Co. workshop that he was eternally grateful that with such a 'flawed' instrument – his words – he should have had such an amazing career. It was typical of Philip to be so self-effacing.

But of course he was all too aware that the instrument, the voice, is but a tiny element – albeit an essential one – of the opera singer's armoury. It was Philip's total commitment to every aspect of theatre that made him the consummate artist he undoubtedly was. It was that commitment and understanding of the opera singer’s art that he wanted to impart to the next generation and he did so with just the same energy, passion and expertise that he gave to his performances.

Philip contacted us in the very early days of Co-Opera Co. after chatting to Eiddwen Harrhy, one of our Associate Artists, about the work we were planning to do with young singers. Philip and Co-Opera Co. Artistic Director Kate Flowers had sung together on various occasions and were not only close colleagues, but also close friends. She was therefore overjoyed when he said he wanted to help Co-Opera Co. in whatever way he could, because he believed wholeheartedly in what the company was trying to achieve. 

Of course he was true to his word. 

Philip became an ambassador  for the company, giving interviews to the press, media and industry magazines and he was one of the first Associate Artists to join us in a rehearsal room in Bethnal Green for our opening series of weekend workshops. He worked tirelessly, always complaining after a six hour day that we hadn’t allowed him enough time! 

His help was not confined to his incredible work in our workshops – he wanted to help us build a charitable fund to support the company and, in turn, help emerging artists by funding their time with us. To that end Philip helped us in the long-winded process of gaining charitable status and he was to have been on our Board of trustees. 

Sadly, he was not with us to see the charity begin.

Over the Christmas period of 2010 he was in New York, singing the Witch in Hansel and Gretel to great acclaim at the Metropolitan Opera. He called Kate to say he wasn't feeling too brilliant and he might have to cancel a workshop he was to have done on his return to the UK, but not to worry he would be back soon. Within a month of that telephone call he died.

It was a huge loss to everyone who knew and loved him, to the thousands of his admirers around the globe and to the world of opera as a whole.

In order to ensure that the work that Philip had started with
Co-Opera Co. continued, we decided that we should start a bursary in his name.

Previous recipients of The Philip Langridge Bursary:

Michael Scott
Mariya Krywaniuk
Katherine Blumenthal
Hakan Vramsmo
Sarah Helsby-Hughes
Patrick Mundy
Robert-John Edwards
David Hansford
Timothy Connor
Jorge Navarro-Colorado
Matthew Tomko