We do not accept singers on our courses because of their ability to pay but their ability to sing – and the two do not always come hand in hand

The singers we work with in our development programmes are often at the stage in their training where they have minimum income but maximum expenditure. At the moment we have to charge for the work we do in our development programmes and although we keep the charges down to the absolute minimum, they can sometimes prove too expensive for some singers.

We do not want them to have to find the whole contribution from their own pocket because otherwise we would only be working with those who have significant financial resources.

Therefore we have set up the possibility for individual singers (and musicians, technicians, etc) to raise their own fees via a funding page facility. once they have been accepted on a course., they will receive an information pack with instructions and tips on raising funds.

If you have been accepted onto one of our courses and are interested in setting up a funding page PLEASE EMAIL US


If you wish to donate to the SPONSOR A SINGER scheme by contributing in any way – large or small –  the fees for an applicant in advance, please click on the button below and you will be directed to a general fee donation page.

Some participants set up a specific funding page to secure funding for their own fees, should they wish to do so. 

If you feel you would like to help in however small a way to a specific participant, please click on the button below to view a list of people who need sponsorship.  From there you will be able to make a donation via Virgin Money Giving – PLEASE tick the Gift Aid Box if applicable.